We ensure better education for a better world

Be the first beacon of professional education in the Arab world.

We provide training and evaluation in a range of internationally accredited vocational training programs through a pool of experts and trainers with skills and experience in the educational programs under study.
In addition to the "protocols" of cooperation with a group of large institutions in the world of training, thus combining and ensuring the disciplines of the best technology in one place called IMCT Group

Our mission
- Achieving a better level of education and vocational training in Egypt and the Middle East.
- Keeping pace with the latest technologies and teaching methods in order to create qualified human resources for the international labor market.
- Singularity of scientific material is always renewed in the programs subject of the message
- Provide specialized programs in both business administration and project management for aspiring to practice administrative professions and hold senior positions in different areas of management and implementation of projects.
The political and diplomatic relations to enrich legal awareness among individuals about the importance of arbitration as an alternative means of resolving disputes and limiting the procrastination of judicial proceedings and the importance of political and diplomatic relations to know the means of settling international disputes in terms of international organizations through general international law, diplomatic and consular law, Agreement.

- Upgrading the scientific level through the provision of professional studies